Shared Double Occupancy Accommodations
July 13-18, 2018

Early Bird Pay-in-Full Discounts through May 12, 2018
Be sure to use the coupon code when you checkout for your $200 early bird discount
Coupon Code: HPP2018

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Single Occupancy
Early Bird Pay-in-Full Price through
May 12: $2,930
Shared Double Occupancy
Early Bird Pay-in-Full Price through
May 12: $2,570
Three Payment Options
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  • Beginning May 13, 2018:
    Standard Price $2,770
Off-campus Commuter
Early Bird Pay-in-Full Price through
May 12: $1,990
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There are 3 options to secure your reservation today:

1. PAY-IN-FULL: Secure Early Bird Pricing and receive priority room assignment for double occupancy  - $2,570.00 - Use Coupon Code: HPP2018
2. THREE-MONTH PAYMENT PLAN: $957 today - plus 2 additional monthly payments of $957 - $2,871 total.
3. DEPOSIT:  Reserve your spot with a deposit of $350, and pay the $2,220 Early Bird balance in full before May 12, 2018 - $2,570 total.


*Cancellations: Please note that any deposits or payments made now can be applied to future Retreats if you need to cancel.
However, there are no refunds available.

Early Bird Pay-in-Full Pricing for the July Retreat is valid through May 12, 2018.
There are 3 ways to pay today.  Choose ONE of the Options below: